Hultafors Fine Detail Fixed Blade Knife

Hultafors Fine Detail Fixed Blade Knife


  • 3500

Obsess over details, perfect every cut and carve your way through tight spaces. Short, pointy and thin – the razor sharp, low profile blade makes it easy to control precision cuts even when making very tight turns. The modified Polypropylene plastic (PP) handle with a Santoprene grip is developed and adapted for precise hand movements found in precision work, allowing the blade to respond to every movement as intended. The cutting edge has been sharpened in several stages, with a final honing on a leather strop. Featuring a Scandinavian flat grind for superior sharpness, versatility and easy maintenance. Includes a durable PP plastic sheath.

Blade Material: Japanese Carbon Steel
Blade Length: 3.07 inches/76 mm
Blade Thickness: 0.08 inch/2.0 mm
Handle Material: Polypropylene plastic (PP) with Santoprene grip
Handle Length: 4.52 inches/115 mm
Weight: 3.4 oz/98 g

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