KEYHOLE Hands-Free Camera/Binocular Harness

KEYHOLE Hands-Free Camera/Binocular Harness

Backcountry Solutions

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Unique harness secures camera/binoculars – shoulder straps eliminate need for neck strap.

Easily carry your camera or binoculars while you hike, bike, paddle, climb, view wildlife, sightsee, and more!


No more swing, hassle, or neck fatigue
Points lens down rather than outward
Cameras/binoculars connect to harness via our specially designed knob, threading into the tripod mount hole (standard on most cameras and binoculars)
Newly designed knob need not be removed for tripod use
Comfortable & easy to use
Camera or binoculars always at the ready
Easily removed harness (Keyhole plate and straps) transfers to many backpacks
Eliminates need for a neck strap
Eliminates lens cap creep on camera
Secures binoculars or camera lens caps, making them easy to find
One size fits most