Keyhole Hands-Free Camera Harness


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The KEYHOLE™ is a hands-free restraining and protection device for neck strap-suspended camera equipment used in the field, by securing the camera to your body by means of a harness and pointing the lens down rather than outward.

The KEYHOLE™ provides the following features:

Accessibility: Quickly and easily converts from “hands-free” position to “ready to shoot” position. No complicated hardware.
Protection: Securely and safely fastens the camera to your body/harness when not in use.
Comfort: Lightweight, versatile, adjustable, and reduces camera weight on your neck.
Simplicity: Easily attaches to any backpack or chest harness that is equipped with typical 1” wide webbing on the shoulder straps. Quick disconnect buckles allow for easy backpack on/off.

The KEYHOLE™ can be used with most length lenses, eliminates the need for a sternum strap, and comes with a lens cap keeper as part of the hands-free system.

The KEYHOLE™ can also be used with camcorders and compact cameras.