Seattle Sports Dry Doc 9” eTab/iPad

Seattle Sports Dry Doc 9” eTab/iPad

Seattle Sports

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Protect your gear from water and dust, and allow you to still use many of your items. Talk on your phone, read books, or type e-mails, right through the case!

Dry Docs offer a waterproof case for every need. From protecting fishing licenses and IDs with the smallest size, to protecting navigation charts with the largest size, or protecting your Amazon Kindle, iPod or iPad in the bath or at the beach, these heavy-duty cases are perfect for any situation.

Built with a thick eco-friendly PVC–Free film, Dry Docs are super puncture-proof, as tough as they are useful. Plus, a positive snap Ziploc–type closure makes them extremely easy to use.

Internal dimensions are 10.25" x 8.75".


- Size: 9" eTab/iPad
- Height: 11.75"
- Width: 9"
- Weight: 2.4 oz.