Adler Yankee Axe


  • 14900

Handmade in Germany. 31.5 Inch Handle. 3.5 Pound Head Weight. Thick Leather Sheath Made in Spain.

The Adler Yankee Axe is an ideal forester’s axe for felling medium to large sized trees. It’s also a great all-purpose companion on the farm or ranch.

Ergonomic US-hickory handle with unique anti-slip paint for better grip. The head shape is the classic "Yankee" pattern.

Head weight: 3.5 Lbs. Total weight: 5.5 Lbs. Steel type: C45. Rockwell hardness of head: 47-55 hrc

Adler has been granted a Forest Stewardship Council Certification (FSC) which the company renews each year.