CHA/O/HA EDC Credit Card Size Multi-Tool

CHA/O/HA EDC Credit Card Size Multi-Tool


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A weapons grade credit card size multi-tool. Heat treated CPM-S35VN stainless construction with matte gray finish.

Measures 3.25" x 2.06". 2.84mm thick for maximum durability.
Fits in credit card slot in a standard wallet.
Modular - utilizes an O-ring system for unique tasks using hex bit shanks.
Unique handheld torque position for tough hex fixtures.
May also be held upside-down using open hex drivers and thumb grip.
30+ functions include: 23 hex wrenches - metric and imperial: - Closed Hex Drivers ( 2.5mm; 3.2mm; 4mm, 5mm; 1/4"; 8mm; 10mm; 7/16"; 13mm, 9/16"; 16mm; 11/16" ) - Open Hex Drivers ( 3/16"; 5.5mm; 1/4"; 8mm; 10mm; 7/16"; 13mm; 9/16"; 16mm; 11/16"; 19mm ); - 1/4" hex driver with optional O-ring retention - designed to hold any 1/4" screw bit shank for unusual fixes; 5 x 0.8mm flathead driver; #2 Phillips driver; bottle opener (open hex driver); prybar with nail lifting slot; tapered straight edge; 2" imperial ruler; 30mm metric ruler; and lanyard hole.
TSA compliant.